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CompTIA was made in 1982 as the Association of Better Computer Dealers[ABCD].The Association of Better Computer Dealers after modified its name to the Computing Technology Industry Association.

In 2010 CompTia certification & training is designed to help you land an entry-level job in IT by providing you know the basics of performing with hardware, networks, and computer techniques. CompTIA is one of the most useful certificates for cybersecurity from the network security certification list in the IT industry. CompTIA is a director in IT certifications with over 2 million CompTIA approved IT specialists worldwide. Grow your career by training for certification exams with CompTIA training that protects networking, IT security, cloud technology, and more. CompTIA certifications will improve your knowledge and certifications no matter where you are on your IT occupation path.

CompTIA  Jobs and Career| Ground Cyber

There are many job roles in CompTia certification & training .CompTIA groups its certificates into several career pathways –

  • Information security
  • Network and cloud technologies
  • Hardware, services and infrastructure
  • IT management and strategy
  • Web and mobile
  • Software development
  • Training
  • Office productivity

The CompTIA Certifications page lets you choose a certification level and/or a career direction and then returns a list of certifications to concentrate on. For example, one of the most popular career paths in IT is network management .  CompTIA’s Network and Cloud Technologies career path offers multiple certifications that can help you grow your network management career, such as  A+ and Network+, along with Cloud+ and Linux+ (Infrastructure certifications) and Cloud Essentials.

Those interested in network protection (one of the fastest growing specializations in IT) should consider the certifications in CompTIA’s Information Security career path. This includes all four of the Core credentials (IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+ and Security+,pENTEST+,CYSA+,CYSP+,A+CORE1,A+CORE2,DATA+) along with  cybersecurity certifications .

Ground Cyber Pvt Ltd  is a platform that allows you to purchase all the courses of CompTia with our expert team ,so that the students who have taken training make their career successful in this sector.

CompTIA a+

The CompTIA A + Prep course is a basic course for those who are new to computers and want to learn the basics and add formal training to their portfolio. CompTIA A + is based on a basic knowledge of the
‘s core technologies, from security to cloud and data management. The
A + Certificate is the industry standard for starting an IT career.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ certification proves that you have the core competencies you need for your IT security career. For many aspiring cybersecurity professionals, getting this popular entry-level certification can be the first step toward a rewarding and demanding career

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a global certification that validates the basic skills required to perform core security features and pursue an IT security career.

compTIA Pentest+

CompTIA Pentest+ is a certification that demonstrates your penetration testing skills. It covers the entire process of identifying network and system vulnerabilities and breaches. The accreditation also demonstrates the ability to recommend corrective actions to protect against attacks.

CompTIA Pentest+ is for cybersecurity professionals responsible for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and management. CompTIA Pentest+ is an intermediate-level cybersecurity certification focused on offensive skills through penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.


In a world where behavioral analytics makes a difference in security, it also makes sense to apply it to IT as well.
CompTIA Cyber ​​Security Analyst (CySA+) is the only intermediate cybersecurity analyst certification that covers security analysis, intrusion detection and response. The CompTIA CySA+ course focuses on identifying
and combating a wide range of threats to
reducing risk for an organization.


CompTIA recommends that participants be familiar with Network+, Security+ or equivalent. Minimum
34 years of practical experience in information security or related experience. The CompTIA PenTest+ certification is for anyone looking to move from entry-level to intermediate
in cybersecurity.

CompTIA Data+


CompTIA Data+ is the only data analyst certification that covers basic data analysis skills, evaluates practical skills, and is vendor- and tool-independent.

 CompTIA Data+ is a vendor-neutral certification that provides analyst skills to perform a variety of roles, regardless of the program or tool used. Vendor-specific certifications (SAS, Tableau, or Microsoft) offer only one platform.

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+ validates the technical skills needed to securely deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot the critical networks your organization depends on.

CompTIA Network+ is the only certification that covers the specific skills required by network professionals. Other certifications are so extensive that they do not cover the practical skills and accurate knowledge required in today’s networked environments.

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