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Network Security Training & Certification

Develop the abilities that matter. The vendor-neutral network security certifications offered by EC-Council offer an unbiased method for studying safe networking techniques as well as how to evaluate and fortify computing platforms that are common in today’s IT architecture.

According to this reputation, the only program on the market with a sole focus on network security and protection is CND v2.

The cybersecurity ecosystem requires the involvement of IT professionals, particularly in the post-COVID Digital Transformation age. If you believe that only cyber teams are in charge of cybersecurity, you need to think again.

Experts in the field created Certified Network Defender v2 to aid IT professionals in actively protecting digital corporate assets, detecting and responding to cyberthreats, and anticipating them through the use of threat intelligence. CND is a network security course created to assist businesses in developing and implementing the most complete network defense system.

The most practical network security and defense program ever — more than 50% of the course is lab-intensive to ensure application of real-world skills.

Who Should Receive Network Security Training?

  1. Network Administrators
  2. IT Administrators
  3. Network Engineers
  4. Data Analysts
  5. Network Technicians


Program Details

How CND v2 Will Build Your Career


The ProtectDetectRespond, and Predict approach defines the job roles for a Blue Team Security Professional. One can continue their career as a Network Defender or later transition into a niche job profile as CND v2 covers a base understanding of Blue Teams.


The first certification program to offer device and enterprise level security for its students. Career changers planning a move into cybersecurity will also benefit from this.


Learn different ways to ensure security across various cloud platforms — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform.


CND v2 is the only certification program that offers a chance to learn beyond the technological aspects of network security. The module has a strong focus on the strategical domain with special attention to adaptive & defense in depth security, framing network policies, achieving compliance, and the operational domain to learn the implementation of the above decisions.


CND v2 puts the spotlight on perimeter defense as the latest technologies have made networks too complex for everyone. Perimeter defense can help with modern security requirements.


The only program that gives a chance to students to learn under simulated threat environments and gain real-world skills before they start their professional career.

An Adaptive Security Strategy


  1. Defense-In-Depth Security
  2. Properly Designed, Implemented and Enforced Security Policies
  3. Security Architectures
  4. Appropriate Configuration
  5. Right Selection of Security Controls


  1. Traffic Monitoring
  2. Log Management
  3. Log Monitoring
  4. Anomalies Detection


  1. Incident Response
  2. Forensics Investigation
  3. Business Continuity (BC)
  4. Disaster Recovery (DR)


  1. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Attack Surface Analysis
  3. Threat Intelligence

How You Will Benefit from CND v2

The end goal of Certified Network Defender (CND v2) is to help Blue Teams defend and win the war against network breaches in a post-pandemic world. The program is the ideal cyber defense course for organizations and individuals for the following reasons:

  1. Based on Common Job Role frameworks recognized by organizations around the world.
  2. ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accredited Certification Program.
  3. Mapped to the NICE 2.0 framework.
  4. Focuses on latest technologies including Cloud, IoT, Virtualization and Remote Worker Threats, Attack Surface Analysis, Threat Intelligence, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), as well as docker, Kubernetes, and container security.
  5. Covers the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies used by top cybersecurity experts around the world.

That’s why investing in the CND v2 training and certification is a wise move for employers looking to set up impregnable cyber defense practices.

Network Security Engineer Salary

Professionals who complete a network security program with skills in IT Security & Infrastructure, Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration, and Network Security Management are correlated to above average pay, earning between $66,000 – $112,000 P.A.

The salary range depends on the job profile and experience. The further you progress, the more you’ll earn. The average network security engineer can earn $87,000 P.A. on an annual basis.