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Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE)

The EC-Council Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE) course has been selected by cloud security professionals to provide a vendor-specific, vendor-neutral, cloud security approach. delivered together with a top target specialist. Suits are provided. The concept of vendor neutrality focuses on cloud security practices, technologies, platforms, and principles. In contrast, the vendor-specific documentation provides
hands-on skills needed to configure a specific platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This gives candidates a well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical skills. The advanced section also describes modules on how to secure your cloud infrastructure by implementing rules and standards for security. The EC-Council Cloud Security course is aligned with
Real-Time Cloud Security Professionals Duties and Responsibilities and is ideal for beginners and experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Who Should Earn a Cloud Security Certification?

  • Network security engineers
  • Cybersecurity analysts
  • Network security analysts
  • Cloud administrators and engineers
  • Network security administrators
  • Cloud analysts
  • Cybersecurity engineers
  • Those working in network and cloud management and operations

Why Should You Become a Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE)?

Organizations need cloud security engineers to help them build a secure cloud infrastructure, monitor vulnerabilities, and implement incidence response plans to mitigate cloud-based threats. C|CSE, with its unique blend of vendor-neutral and vendor-specific concepts, trains candidates in the fundamentals while equipping them with job-ready practical skills.