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Carrier Opportunities in Digital Marketing | Earn Money Online | SEO

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As the internet has grown so much in the last few years, every business is going online to boost their sales & services. As we have seen in the lockdown last year many businesses have closed and many have gone in loss, but those who have chooses to come online and manage to sell products online have gained a lot more profit than before. Basically, they are selling their products online or they are marketing digitally. So now let’s come to know about Digital Marketing. But Digital Marketing is not just about selling your products online, if you dive deep into it, then you can find great carrier opportunities in it.


Digital Marketing is a vast domain in which lots of Experts are needed to work for every single module. Some of the most important modules have been explained below to make you understand better of each:

Carrier Opportunities in Digital Marketing

  1. SEO Executive

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO Executive basically helps a company to rank the websites of clients or company websites on search engines for a particular keyword. Now SEO is a vast topic to learn but let me give you a short brief about SEO. SEO means optimizing a website to be rank on Google or any other search engine for a particular keyword. It plays an important role in Digital Marketing and ranking websites. Companies hire an SEO Executive with a good amount of salary just to rank sites. There are basically two types of SEO, one is ON Page SEO and another one is OFF Page SEO. OFF Page SEO includes backlinks while ON Page SEO includes alt text, anchor tags, etc. We will talk more about ON Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO in our other blogs.

Earn Money Online

  1. Affiliate Marketer

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing like some company asks people to sell their products or basically promote their products/services, and if someone purchases their products with your reference then you will get some commission from that product. This is basically Affiliate Marketing, and many companies hire Affiliate Marketer for their brand or company promotion with a high pay rate and they get an extra commission for each product sale for the company. Now to become an Affiliate Marketer you need two things, one is knowledge about it and another one a broad network you’re known to, or a fan following.


It is not necessary for you to work for a company to become an affiliate marketer, in fact, you can start doing Affiliate Marketing as a Freelancer and you also don’t need any degree or anything to start Affiliating Products. But we will talk more about (Affiliate Marketing and how you can start doing it or how you can become an Expert from a Novice) in our other blogs.


  1. Content Writer

Content Writer is basically as the name suggests writes content for websites or blogs. Suppose a Website Development Company gets 15-20 Projects per month but what about the website content? For 15-20 websites to be fully ready we need unique content for every website’s Home Page, About Page, etc. Now web developers don’t have this must time to write and optimize the content for a website as they are handling 5-6 websites at a time. So to write content for the website and not only simple content but healthy and unique content with proper keyword optimization there is a huge need for Content Writers in Digital Marketing Companies. In fact, some big companies hire 2-5 content writers as they are working for hundreds of websites. So finally there is a huge need for Content Writers in today’s era and you can earn a good amount of money from it too.

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  1. Social Media Manager

Every business or company makes their social media pages and there are lot more sites on social media where you can make an account and make people or your followers aware of yourself and your business. Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are to be handled regularly to increase the engagement of and followers. So to handle multiple social media accounts we need a separate employee as a Social Media Manager to manage social media handles.

Companies hire employees with good knowledge of social media content and how you can increase peoples engagement to your social media page, so for that, you should know how to make posts and videos for your social media pages, and for that, you should have a little bit of knowledge of photo editing and video editing. Software like Canva and video editing software like Filmora Go are recommended.

So, as I have told you earlier that Digital Marketing is a domain in which we need a separate Expert for each module, and there are basically more than 30+ Modules in Digital Marketing so you can make your carrier in Digital Marketing’s any module and if you want to learn Digital Marketing I would suggest you Ground Cyber Pvt. as the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bareilly.


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